Excellence in Leadership 2024

The Peter and Eunice Beveridge Award

for Outstanding Leadership in Languages


The Excellence in Leadership award recognises leadership in languages teaching and learning in a primary, secondary or tertiary institution in New Zealand. The award will be judged on the nominee’s contribution to the languages community. It will recognise work that is deemed by the Executive to be noteworthy in the field of leadership in languages learning.

The Excellence in Leadership Award consists of a citation and a trophy and is open to all members of NZALT. Nominees must have been a member for at least five years. The recipient will be announced and presented at the forthcoming NZALT conference.


Nominations for the NZALT awards are called for in each conference year.

Invited full applications for 2022 close on Sunday, 31st March 2024.


If you would like to find out more about this award please contact Juliet Kennedy.

How to apply

written statement (two pages maximum) from two NZALT members making the nomination outlining why the nominee is considered worthy of the Excellence in Leadership award.  The application may also include other letters of support.

A one-two page CV of the nominee, highlighting service and achievements that support the nomination.

Nominees must have been a member of NZALT for at least five years.

A digital copy of the full application must be emailed by 5.00p.m., Sunday, 31st March 2024, to our Secretary Jo Hawes.

An award committee comprised of the President of NZALT and two other members of the NZALT Executive will consider the full nominations and decide on recipients of the awards. The judges have the right not to make an award, and their decision is final.

Past Awardees

2021: Michelle Lodge 

2018: David Hall 

2016: Adèle Scott 

2014: Judith Geare 

2012: Jo Guthrie and Jeanne Gilbert (inaugural award winners)