NZALT 2023 Further Study Awards


These awards aim to support teachers to upskill via masters or doctoral postgraduate study connected to improving teaching and learning.

Teachers can apply for financial assistance for further language teaching-related study costs of up to $5000 maximum. This funding is to support teachers with the payment of course fees, not for other related costs, e.g. travel and accommodation.

If you wish to apply, please complete the NZALT Further Study Award 2023

If you would like to find out more, please contact Juliet Kennedy. 

A maximum of 6 awards will be granted per year. Teachers who have been granted an award may apply in subsequent years.


Deadline for applications for 2023: 5 pm on 3rd April 2023.

Rules and Criteria for NZALT Further Study Award

1. Applications for an award must state:
  • Name and school
  • Current position 
  • Description of course of study
  • Reason for applying for funds
  • Amount requested
  • Proposed ways of sharing benefits to colleagues and students.

2. Teachers receiving an award must supply NZALT Executive with a written report suitable for publishing on the NZALT website or in other relevant NZALT publications.

Where qualifications will take at least two years to complete, a short progress report should be submitted by the end of the academic year for which funding has been granted.  When the qualification is completed, a final report should be received within two months of the conclusion of study, or at the end of the academic year for which funding has been given.


3. The award may be granted for language teaching-related study at a New Zealand tertiary institution.


4. The amount of funds allocated will be decided by the Executive and depend on:
  • the amount of funds available
  • the number of applications received
  • the nature of the study sought

5. Successful recipients will receive the funds once NZALT has received confirmation of the course of study and associated costs.