Who is NZALT?


NZALT (New Zealand Association of Language Teachers) is a non-profit organisation run by language teachers, educators, and researchers for language teachers, educators, and researchers. 2024 will mark NZALT’s 50th anniversary.

It is the subject association for the Learning Languages Curriculum Area and seeks to support and promote language teaching and learning in Aotearoa.  

NZALT provides professional development and support for languages teachers as well as advice and advocacy for language education to government stakeholders such as NZQA and the MoE.

As a non-profit organisation, NZALT is funded by your subscriptions. We also receive funding through the MoE’s Networks of Expertise (NEX) contract, which enables us to provide PLD support for all language teachers. 

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  • NZALT Co-ordinator: Contact the NZALT co-ordinator for any queries, questions or help. 
  • NZALT webeditor: Contact our webeditor for questions or suggestions regarding the NZALT website.