NZALT Membership Information 2024

Members of AFMLTA or an Association affiliated with FIPLV can claim member rates for the conference and do not need to become members of NZALT.

NZALT has moved to a new membership platform in 2023. Please read this information carefully as it contains important information about receiving NZALT membership from 2023 onwards.

Registration for 2024 has opened on 1 February 2024. Please check your contact details are correct before you submit an application. If you have moved school over summer, your online profile is still valid. Please log in and update your email address first, and then submit your application to avoid creating another profile. 


Membership registration process for 2024

For ALL recipients of the NZALT newsletter, an online profile has been created on our new system. If you would like to log in, check/ update your details or apply for NZALT membership, please follow the instructions on this document.

For those who have been receiving the newsletter in two or more email inboxes before 2023, please try with your other email addresses if the first attempt is unsuccessful. For members for whom we could match a private with a school email address, we chose your private email address for logging in purpose in case you shifted since the move to our new system. However, in many cases we could not match private and work email addresses so please do try your other potential email addresses before contacting us or submitting a new membership application. If you still cannot reset your password, or if more than one profile has been created, email


There are two ways to receive membership for 2024:

  1. Current members (those who paid in 2023) should have received an invoice at the start of February 2024 by email based on their membership in 2023. Once your invoice is paid, you will automatically receive membership for 2024 and receive the newsletter as usual.

Please check your spam or junk mail folders if you have NOT received your invoice by 2 February 2024 but were a paid member in 2023. 

  1. New members or those who only receive the NZALT newsletter will not receive an invoice or email. Should you wish to join NZALT for 2024, please click on the SIGN UP button for individual membership below and follow the instructions. An invoice for $50 (inc. GST) will be sent to you automatically once your membership has been confirmed. If you do NOT receive an invoice within a few days of signing up, please check your spam or junk mail folders. If no invoice has been issued, please email You will automatically receive our newsletters if you sign up using the membership form below.


All recipients of the NZALT newsletter (paid and non-paid members):

If you have received the NZALT newsletter in the past, a new profile has been created on our new platform (as outlined above) and you do not need to do anything - you will receive the newsletter as usual. 

If you would like to check/ update your information, please use this document to log into your profile. 

Important: From 2023, you will only be able to receive the newsletter to your primary email address. So if you would like to change your email address, log into your profile and update your contact information.


Information about our current membership rates:

Our member rate has been set at $50 (including GST) per member. In schools with more than 10 languages teachers, all teachers over the 10 will be able to join at no extra cost. 

HODs please note: If your school has 11 or more teachers, you are eligible for the capped rate of $500 (10 x $50). Invoices will automatically be sent to those HODs/ administrators who registered for the school membership rate in 2023.  If you did NOT receive this rate last year, but would like to do so this year, please apply using our SIGN UP button for group membership below. 

TRAINEE TEACHERS are entitled to free membership to NZALT during their training year. When registering, tick the Trainee Teacher option in the employment status..


Should you know of colleagues who are neither paid members nor have received the newsletter up to now, they can register for membership via the SIGN UP button for individual membership (this includes the newsletter) or just SIGN UP for the newsletter below.


Please email if you have any questions or issues regarding your membership.


NZAFT 2024 Membership

Starting from late March 2024, NZAFT membership will be done in co-operation with NZALT. Further details will be sent out shortly to the French teacher community and published on the NZAFT membership page.

If you have already registered with NZALT (i.e. are a paid NZALT member or receive the NZALT newsletter), please use your standard NZALT login. 

If you haven't registered with NZALT (i.e. are not a paid member or do not receive the newsletter), a new profile will be created when you register.

Email for support with sign up and invoice matters.

Please remember to fill out the application form below every year.