Exploring Effective Practice Awards 2023


EEP awards pay for teacher release and travel to enable teachers to visit other colleagues to gather, share, and discuss ideas, pedagogy, and resources for the language classroom.  These awards are funded through our Networks of Expertise (NEX) funding from the Ministry of Education.  You can apply for EEPs awards here or on the NZALT website or by contacting Juliet Kennedy 

Teachers who have applied for this round already do not need to reapply. Teachers who were successful recipients of these awards in Term Four, 2022, have until the end of Term Two 2023 to make successful use of this funding.

Applications for the Awards will be available twice a year, with the first round of applications for 2023 closing on 10 February 2023 to be used by the end of term 2 2023 and then in Term Four to be used by Term Two of 2024.

Successful recipients will no longer receive the funding directly but instead have their schools invoice NZALT directly for relief costs and then apply to the NZALT travel agent for travel bookings.