The website for our upcoming NZALT 2024 Conference in Auckland is now live at this link. Please go to the conference website for up-to-date information.

Update for NZALT 2024 Conference in Auckland:

Intext Book Company from Melbourne will be attending the NZALT Conference with a range of language teaching coursebooks, games, readers and teaching materials. Most of the course materials sold are HYBRID, offering the eBook code within the paper textbook. The brochures and catalogues for the current range are on the website of their retail bookshop, Language International:

Jillian, who has been coming to the NZALT Conference for many years, is asking that teachers contact her if they have any specific requests. It is hard to limit what to pack so please contact her after looking online. The selection for all languages is comprehensive from early childhood to tertiary and adult.

Contact Jillian SYMONS 

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