Special Project Award

The NZALT Special Project Award

NZALT Executive offers a Special Project Award to assist Language Associations in a language project or specific professional development programme for its members.

The focus of the award is on promoting effective second language teaching and learning in New Zealand at a national level. The award is offered in recognition of the valuable work carried out by Language Associations.

The Special Project Award is offered once every two years in NZALT non-Conference years (e.g. 2011/2013/2015) as funding permits and could be up to three thousand dollars ($3000.00). The award is made in accordance with the criteria below.

To download an application form click here


The project will :

  • Promote effective pedagogy in language teaching and learning over an extended period ;
  • Contribute to the building of language communities (primary-secondary-tertiary) ;
  • Have a nation-wide focus ;
  • Meet all the requirements of the application procedure.


  • Language Associations are invited to submit an application by February 28 in a NZALT non-Conference year.
  • The nomination (one paper copy and one electronic copy) is to be submitted to the NZALT President.


  • The Award Committee will consist of the President, the Exec member responsible for the PD Portfolio and one other Exec member.
  • Strict confidentiality may be observed throughout the procedure with the name of the Language Association and the details of the application being divulged only to persons immediately involved in making and considering the nomination. If a Language Association President is normally a member of the Award Committee charged with considering the nominations, that person must not be included in the meeting but be replaced by another elected member of the Executive.
  • The Committee will assess the nomination against the quality of information provided in Section B of the application form.
  • The NZALT Exec member responsible for the PD Portfolio will notify the applicant/s of the outcome three weeks after the closing date.
  • Two-thirds of the total funds will be made available at the time of the successful Language Association being notified and one-third upon receipt of a satisfactory final report. This report is to include a clear indication of the value of the award for improving student learning and increasing teacher effectiveness.