Speak Up Award

Current members who teach up to and including Year 8 can apply for financial assistance for a language proficiency course. Decided in March and October each year, the awards may apply to the current or previous year's professional activity. Amounts awarded will depend on the funds available.

Download the application form here.

Rules and Criteria for NZALT Speak Up Award

  1. Applicants for an NZALT Speak Up Award must be current members of NZALT for the year in which they will undertake the study. Life members are not eligible for an award.
  2. Application for an award must be made in writing to the PD Co-ordinator NZALT. Application forms are available from the Secretary or by downloading a copy from this page.
  3. Applications for an award must state:
    • Name and address
    • NZALT membership number
    • Current position and designation
    • Description of course of study
    • Amount requested (up to $300)
  4. Applicants are required to disclose any other sources of funding for which they have applied or intend to apply.
  5. The award may be granted for professional development within or beyond New Zealand. It is not necessary to undertake university study. For example, the course of study might be evening classes at the local high school.
  6. The amount of funds allocated will be decided by the Executive and will depend on
    • the amount of funds available
    • the number of applications received
    • the nature of the professional development sought.
  7. Disbursement of the award will be on receipt of official notification of course completion.
  8. Successful applications may be asked to respond to a follow-up survey from NZALT regarding the usefulness of the course.
  9. The Professional Development Award will be decided at the March and October Executive committee meetings of each year. At this point, only applications for PD in the current or previous year will be considered.

Applications for the March Award(s) must reach the PD Co-ordinator by the 28th February and for the October Award(s) by the 30th September each year.

To apply, please compete the application form above and email your application to the secretary.