Language Perfect PD Fund

NZALT LanguagePerfect Award

In conjunction with the announcement of the LanguagePerfect Professional Development fund, Language Perfect has made available to NZALT the LanguagePerfect World Championships Award. Designed to recognise exellence in Learning through committment and dedication to studies, the award was first presented in 2013 with the inaurgural award presented to Mount Roskill Grammar School.

Language Perfect Professional Development Fund

$150,000 Professional learning fund established for language teachers

Press release: 13th June 2011
Language Perfect, a New Zealand based company trading internationally with an award winning language learning platform used by 75% of New Zealand high school language students, has committed $150,000 over three years to a global professional learning fund for teachers of languages. The New Zealand Association of Language Teachers (NZALT), a non-profit professional organisation that promotes languages and languages education in New Zealand, has successfully secured $15,000 for teachers in New Zealand from this fund. These funds will be managed independently by NZALT. Through this arrangement with NZALT, Language Perfect is also offering teachers across the country free access to the software for personal use over the next 12 months.

For more information contact:
Craig Smith - Founder, Language Perfect.
Mob: +64 27 715 0113

Mount Roskill Grammar School Language Perfect World Championships Top School in New Zealand

The 2013 LanguagePerfect World Championship Winners

From left to right: Qi Zhu, Miss S Robertson (staff), Sephie Liu, G Watson (Principal), M East (NZALT President), Elisa Yansun, A McAlpine (staff), Disha Gomathinayagam, McGregor Small, Y Kojima (staff)

NZALT/Language Perfect World Championships 2012 on TVNZ News