Portfolios 2017

All Officers of NZALT, apart from members of the Policy and Planning Group (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) unless they choose to do so, will hold a portfolio (or a specialist portfolio) in addition to their Office, for which they take responsibility for the duration of their time on the National Executive (portfolios may be rotated).

Student Competitions

Florent Pieri (RO Auckland/Northland)

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Take responsibility to oversee and co-ordinate the student competition in consultation with the Executive
  2. Send final results to Polyglot editor and winning schools
  3. Organise the award, presentation and retrieval of the Eunice Beveridge Memorial Prizes for Japanese and French
  4. Oversee related projects from time to time (e.g. bumper stickers, posters)
  5. Other duties related to student competition as required

Professional Development Awards


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Take responsibility to oversee and co-ordinate the PD award process, inc. Speak Up awards
  2. Receive and acknowledge applications by due date
  3. Collect references and relevant background information for applications
  4. Present PD award applications to Exec meeting
  5. Inform applicants of outcomes
  6. Forward reports from PD recipients to Polyglot
  7. Other duties related to PD awards as required


Regional Officer for Conference

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Liaise with Conference Convenor/Manager as a member of the Conference Organising Committee
  2. Receive previous convenor's report and forward to the President and the new Conference Convenor
  3. Receive Conference Committee minutes, report to NZALT Executive on the planning progress and report any Exec responses to the Convenor
  4. Facilitate liaison between key persons
  5. Obtain reports/photos for publication
  6. Scan the Gazette for notices seeking applications for conference funding and inform the President and Secretary
  7. Maintain up-to-date records in hard copy/electronic format
  8. Pass evaluations on to PD Portfolio holder
  9. Hold and pass on a Task Checklist for the Conference Convenor as soon as that person is appointed
  10. Other duties related to conference as required

(The responsibility of this role rotates amongst the Regional Officers and is dependant on the location of the National Conference for that given year.)

Year 1 – 8 (primary / intermediate)


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Work with other ROs to encourage initiatives in the regions for primary / intermediate colleagues, and primary / secondary liaison
  2. Identify PD awards and opportunities for primary and intermediate teachers
  3. Maintain links with national advisors
  4. Identify initiatives to encourage the learning of 2LL at primary and intermediate levels
  5. Other duties related to Years 1-8 as required

Curriculum and Assessment:

Annabelle Sinclair (Vice President / RO Victoria)

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Identify key issues - monitor TKI and Education Gazette and alert Executive to relevant changes
  2. Liaise with SLAs on concerns relating to Curriculum and Assessment
  3. Assist with relevant submissions
  4. Other duties related to curriculum and assessment as required

Specialist Contracted Portfolios

In addition to those portfolios listed above there exist three ‘specialist’ portfolios which are contracted, and attract a small honorarium. These positions are as follows:


Jacky Yoshioka-Braid

Key Responsibilities

Oversee the website:

  1. Maintain and update material on website
  2. Post new material to website from Exec members and stakeholders as appropriate
  3. Monitor other websites relevant to language teaching

The New Zealand Language Teacher

Jocelyn Howard 

Key Responsibilities:

Oversee all aspects of the production of NZLT:

  1. Seek articles in conjunction with ROs, NZALT reps, SLAs, National Advisers
  2. Process articles (peer review, correspondence with authors/reviewers, final typesetting)
  3. Liaise with Informit and EBSCO as required
  4. Receive advertisements, itemise payments

Planning and Policy

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer

  1. Discuss, plan and make proposals to Executive on key matters pertaining to NZALT policy and planning, and their execution

Public Relations

President, Vice-President**

  1. Represent NZALT in forums, meetings, as required
  2. Read, gather information, identify research and prepare submissions
  3. Identify (member) opinion and ways to respond
  4. Speak in public / write for publication
  5. Build effective links with MOE, NZQA, ERO, SLAs etc
  6. Elicit issues before Exec meetings from the above for discussion at Executive and Planning and Policy meetings
  7. Maintain strong liaison with MOE / NZQA personnel responsible for languages
  8. Liaise with MOE and NZQA about NCEA external and internal assessments
  9. Liaise with key agencies and build quality relationships (e.g. PPTA, NZEI, ILEP)
  10. Maintain and build international liaison
  11. Issue press releases as required
  12. Monitor agreed projects as required

**some tasks may be delegated to Secretary.